PCO, a refractory materials manufacturer with over 100 years of history, chose Poligate for a major rebranding. The aim was to position the company as a global leader with large-scale production and a wide range of services. Working with SellWise, a sales and marketing consultancy, we revamped PCO's brand to match that objective.
Scope + Team
Strategy – SellWise

Visual Identity – Poligate
Web Design – Poligate + Lunarsoft

Photoshoot – Poligate + Kamil Blicharski
Brand Implementation – Poligate
The Client
PCO is a global manufacturer of various refractory materials, producing both solid and powdered products in-house. They offer comprehensive client support, including product selection, implementation, and technical assistance. As a key player in the local economy, the company employs over 200 staff and funds multiple community initiatives.
The Challenge
An outdated identity misrepresenting the company as an unprofessional, small-scale business.
Imprecise sales process, leaving current and new clients unaware of PCO's capabilities.
A mediocre brand that disappears among competitors, materials lacking consistency.
Lack of online presence – website not up to current digital standards.
SellWise identified PCO’s brand archetype as the Caregiver, highlighting the support and technical expertise needed for their products. PCO fosters long-term client relationships and is a key local employer. The brand had to reflect both aspects, radiate approachable professionalism, and promote a modern, technically excellent global business.
Services provided by SellWise:

01.    Mission, vision and values formulation
02.   Brand strategy development
03.   Buyer personas definition
04.   Sales and marketing strategy
"In workshops, our team crafted a visual identity reflecting the approachable professionalism of the brand. We devised a content structure, built a user-friendly website, and applied the identity across digital and physical touchpoints. Additionally, we supported brand implementation and conducted a comprehensive photoshoot for present and future needs."

Alicja Ortynecka | SellWise
Executive Sales & Marketing Consultant
Visual Identity
"The brand identity serves as the face of the company, often forming the first impression for potential clients. PCO's identity evokes professionalism and technical mastery, softened by human elements in photography and modern humanist typography."

Oskar Drobczyk | Poligate
Brand & Graphic Designer, Co-founder
A modern reinterpretation of the original, retains the fire symbol while introducing a more refined geometry. Placing it within a rectangle enhances its versatility in layout design.
Earthy tones in the color palette echo the materials used and products manufactured by PCO. The highlight color relates to the fire-forging and heat-treatment of products.
Typography, featuring the contemporary sans serif Roobert by the Display Foundry, balances technical precision with human warmth.
The system includes horizontal and vertical rulers to organize technical information effectively.
Web Development
"The strategy, content, and identity merge seamlessly on the canvas of a website. The primary goal was to clearly showcase PCO's product portfolio, manufacturing processes, and to serve as a digital hub for their technical documentation.​​​​​​​"

Marcin Lesek | LunarSoft
Software Development Partner
Brand Implementation
"The visual identity was applied across a variety of touchpoints, including printed catalogues, marketing materials, stationery, production site wayfinding, and marketing and social media assets.​"​​​​​​

Krystian Zgoda | Poligate
Brand & Graphic Designer, Co-founder
A comprehensive photoshoot was conducted, resulting in an extensive library of images for promotional and internal use. The photos cover both technical and lifestyle aspects of the organization, including manufacturing processes, facilities, teams, and the company's daily life.

Kamil Blicharski | Q1
Photographer, Designer
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